Football Intermediary Mentoring


Since its inception, 451 FC has conducted business across the spectrum of the football business worldwide – the roles, responsibilities and opportunities allocated to the modern intermediary are vast and 451 has covered all of the bases throughout the years.

From personally representing a large roster of players to providing invaluable mediation and consultation to several parties in order make deals happen that otherwise would have not. 

From helping a player find a new car to securing them sponsorship from a multi-national corporation. From negotiating a new player contract with a club chairman to assisting in the sale of a whole club itself. Perfecting these essential services, and everything in between, has been the agenda of 451 FC since its doors were opened.


“There is an unbelievable opportunity here for people to be involved in the sport that they love, and we want to help those people achieve their dreams”


Why are we providing training?

At the time when John Viola had been in the industry for a few years there were around 700 agents working in the UK, in recent years that figure has risen to over 7,000.

The landscape has become extremely saturated, causing those new to the industry and lacking the correct knowledge and expertise to struggle in making their mark. 

451 FC identified this need for education in the market and decided to share their experience in a way that the majority of established agencies are unwilling to. All with the intention to provide a committed, personal service that properly equips potential intermediaries with all of the tools they need to succeed, whilst also building new relationships and growing the network of 451 itself. 

It is with this strategy in mind that the mentoring programme was devised.

How does it work?

Our programme is designed to personally suit each mentee and their potential future in the industry. Accordingly the following questions need to be asked;

What would you like to achieve in the industry?

What stage are you at?

How committed are you?

Our programme is delivered in a 3 tier fashion

Tier One

A loose, casual and flexible but advanced learning experience based on pre booked face to face meetings, Skype or telephone sessions at a time suiting both parties over a 3 month

Tier Two

A more detailed and structured service delivered over the space of 6 months. Set out as 30 hours of contact as a mixture of telephone/Skype calls and face to face sessions.

Tier Three

The elite tier of the programme reserved for those with the determination and desire to be fast-tracked into a career as an intermediary. Delivered over the period of one year.

Expanded and committed package of contact via Skype, telephone and face to face mentoring. Including committed building of a relationship and creation of plan, strategy and goals for establishment in the industry.

The value of the mentoring programme comes from gaining access to 451 Football Consultancy’s unique IP in the industry combined with the benefits of being linked to an established and well known organisation in the world of football.

The ultimate goal is to share this value whilst at the same time growing 451 FC’s influence and network within the industry by bringing mentees into the industry in association to create new business together that wouldn’t have been available before.


Who is John Viola?

Coming from a financial services background over 25 years ago to become
one of the first FIFA registered football agents in the UK, John is a
vastly experienced agent having negotiated several high profile and
global transfers throughout his career.

John became one of the first modern football agents in the UK in 1995 and has conducted transfers worldwide, at the highest level and to the highest standard.

Some notabIe accomplishments during Johns career as an intermediary include; taking a Real Madrid player to England, breaking a UK club’s record transfer fee and representing a Brazilian World Cup and Champions League winner.

He has dealt with some of the highest profile players in the world, such as Luis Figo and represented hugely talented players such as Roberto Carlos among many more.

John is respected by his peers and is well placed to handle all the complex areas surrounding the world of football today; from sourcing record breaking player moves to negotiating club sales.


Phil McTaggart is a highly motivated and creative professional with 21 years’ experience working within the elite business world of football.

After joining John Viola in the football industry he quickly become the youngest officially registered agent in Europe at the time.

Since then Phil has made strides in the industry and earned his repuation as a leading professional in the field.

A conscientious and enterprising individual with a dedication to personal development, as well as a forward-thinking attitude and desire to innovate acting as an effective leadership figure.

Phil has been privileged to work with a range of high profile football players, clubs, agencies & service providers across the globe, including those in the world’s top leagues and so have developed a vast range of contacts within the playing, commercial and off-field sides of the industry.

Together John & Phil form 451 Football Consultancy – a unique, modern football agency with experience that is unrivalled in many corners of the business.